Woman Farmer Theresa Schieffelbein

Theresa Schieffelbein always wanted to be a farmer.  Her grandfather was a farmer and as a child Theresa would help him “fix tractors” with a bucket of bolts.

Along with her husband Erwin, Theresa is now a heritage pork and beef producer on 33 acres filled with woods.  Their farm is Hindsight Heritage Farm in Wykoff, Minnesota.  You can find out more about their farm at:  http://www.hindsightheritagefarm.com/#!

It is apparent from the moment I am on her beautiful farm that Theresa loves and understands animals.  In order to keep the woods, growing crops was out, so Theresa purposely has chosen animals for the job they do.  She explained to me that heritage livestock don’t usually grow as fast as confined livestock but feels that their marbled meat is better.  She is also passionate about the survival of these heritage breeds.  Theresa has Highlands cows, Red Wattle hogs, Chickens, cats and dogs (all sorts), runner ducks and geese.  I’m sure i’m leaving someone out!  Both Theresa and her husband have full time jobs off the farm as well in order to keep it going.

Below is my oil painting of Theresa with one of her dogs and a few of the Highlands:


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