Woman Farmer Margo Warthesen and Many Hands Farm

Margo Warthesen owns and manages “Many Hands Farm” in Theilman, MN with her husband John.

Margo finds a sense of place on the farm.  She grew up on a farm and always knew that she wanted to be a farmer.  The farm and farm family history bring her a deep sense of place. Many Hands Farm is diversified and uses organic farm practices.  The garden includes all sorts of veggies, berries and apples.  There is also pasture for beef cows and calfs.  This bucolic farm has sheep, lambs, goats and chickens too.   Margo markets the farms products through farmers markets in Rochester and Wabasha, MN.  She is also a talented artist.  She weaves, makes quilts and sells her “Gourd-dash-ion” dolls.

I painted Margo in oil in her beautiful garden.

2 Responses to Woman Farmer Margo Warthesen and Many Hands Farm

  1. Beautiful painting! Did you know that Margo’s sister-in-laws are very involved in dairy farming in Winona County? Marie and Phyllis are also true pillars of women in agriculture in SE MN!

    • Thank you! Margo did talk about her family. There are so many amazing women farmers in this area! I hope to continue painting more of them, I just ran out of time!


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